Today I wanted to tell you how a bad experience at the rifle range led to me to find a great scope that will give you great piece of mind.

Someone once told me, "Even a bad day at the gun range is better than a good day at work." Obviously this person hasn't been to the range with a scope that has a dead reticle. My story isn't unique but it left me wondering… Why do I even need a scope that needs batteries?

On a cold wet day this last fall I packed up my gear and drove to the gun club. Upon arrival I hiked out to the 300 yard line and set up my targets then walked back to the firing line to set up my shooting station.  I ran through my checklist. Targets: check. Rifle: check.

Safety glasses: check. Etc., etc.  I turn on my red dot rifle site and shoulder my weapon. I look through the eye piece and find my target, concentrate and focus on the bullseye. But wait! What's this? No red dot! I rotate the knob again only to find I pulled one of the great novice mistakes of red dot ownership. I had put away my rifle in the safe while leaving it on! So here we are; a wasted afternoon, a dead scope and a bruised ego because me, the dummy, left the reticle on.

The next day I began researching a new optic. I wanted one that I didn't have to worry about batteries yet I didn't want your basic scope with a standard reticle either. The first brand of scopes that came to mind was Trijicon. If you are unfamiliar them, Trijicon is an innovative American company based in Michigan that makes high quality optics and tritium night sights for both rifle and pistols. They are known globally for their innovation in use of fiber optics and tritium for riflescopes.  Trijicon offers a lifetime-limited warranty and are known for making such a rugged product they are in use by our military. When I first thought about Trijicon military and tactical scopes come to mind but they also have a nice sporting line as well.

For what I needed for the sporting line fit the bill. As I mentioned, Trijicon uses fiber optics during the day and tritium at night to keep the aiming dot aglow. The best part… No batteries needed.  I went on the web and ordered the Trijicon AccuPoint 3-9x40 (TR20-1G) from They had the best price and free shipping so it was a no-brainer. I received order confirmation and a tracking number the next day. It was on my doorstep 5 days later.

When the scope arrived I found it to be double boxed with lots of packing material to keep it safe. I am 100% confident this scope would have survived a 5 story fall and come out unscathed. It was packaged that well. Opening the box for the scope I found it securely nestled in pre-formed foam. The scope has a 1" tube, a nice flat black finish and measures about 12 1/4 inches in length. It looks very similar to any other standard sporting style scope aside for the green fiber optics on top of the scope near the diopter.

The box included: An owner’s manual with big clear photos, warranty information, a lens pen for cleaning the eyepiece and objective, a set of lens caps and a Trijicon sticker for my truck. After spending a few minutes getting familiar with the scope I chose to mount it to my FN Herstal SCAR 17s using my 1" Rock River Arms Cantilever scope mount. I packed my range bag, gathered my rifle and headed for the gun club. It was a great feeling knowing that I wouldn't be showing up this time with a dead reticle.

Shouldering my rifle and peering through the scope for the first time I was extremely impressed with the side-to-side clarity I found with the optics. As an eyeglass wearer I was also very fond of the anti-glare coating that is on the lenses. It made for a very pleasant sight picture and experienced little to no eye strain during the two hours I was there. With a second check to make sure the scope was tightened down, I was ready to start sending some lead down range.

After sending the first 3 rounds to the target I found it was grouping two inches low and two inches to the left. I didn't even get a chance to bore sight the scope so this was a pleasant surprise. I unscrewed the elevation and windage covers to find that the adjustment knobs don't need any sort of tool to adjust. (Puts tools back into range bag.) Bonus! The knurled knobs and positive clicks made it really easy to sight in. The adjustment on this scope is the standard 1/4" MOA at 100 yards. I adjusted 8 clicks up and 8 clicks right. Bingo! I was in the X-ring.  I continued to fire and took notice that target acquisition is particularly quick with this scope. This scope utilizes the Bindon Aiming Concept. BAC is where you can comfortably look through the scope while using both eyes open. Shooting through a powered optic such as this felt weird at first I got comfortable with it rather quickly. At this point of the day light was starting to fade. But the glowing reticle can keep me shooting longer than my buddy.

A great feature of this scope is the variable brightness override for the fiber optics. I found that I could enjoy shooting my rifle earlier in the day and later in the afternoon by making a quick adjustment.

You can turn the fiber optics it all the way off by rotating the override to eliminate the dot all together or crank it all the way open giving the fiber optics maximum use of the daylight. The glowing green dot combined with the glass clarity made seeing my crosshair much easier in low-light conditions. I was still shooting at dusk while others were done for the day.

In my honest opinion, for the price of $765.00 I could not find a better riflescope. I would even state it performs as good as any scope I've used at twice its price. I am very pleased with this scope and its performance. If you are looking for an optic with exceptional clarity and the benefit of having a dual illuminated reticle; look no further than the Trijicon AccuPoint (TR20-1G). The best part is that I can never accidentally leave this scope "on". That piece of mind is worth every penny that this scope costs. If you are interested in purchasing this scope check out WebyShops. Quick, free shipping and boxed so well you don't have to worry about it getting damaged in transit these are the people to use for your next purchase.

This review is courtesy of Bob Crisman, an independent product reviewer.