One of the most effective ways to get the absolute most out of a shotgun is with a variable choke.  A variable choke takes what is already one of the most versatile firearm types, and makes it even more effective by increasing its ability to meet your needs.  What we will be looking at today is the TRUGLO TITAN ADJUSTABLE CHOKE TUBE, more specifically model number TG1000 for Remington style chokes. 



As I recently went over in another article, understanding your shotguns pattern is a vital part of successfully using a shotgun.  Not all shotgun/choke/ammo combinations produce the same results.  Which is where a product like this adjustable choke becomes of real benefit. 

 First off, lets review what TRUGLO has to say about their TITAN choke:

  1. The ultimate “screw-in” choke tube for waterfowl, wing, and clay
  2. Patented technology allows you to quickly change settings without tools-simply turn the collar and click into position.
  3. Choke Settings are laser engraved.
  4. Patters from cylinder to extra full.
  5. Accepts all waterfowl loads, including steel and Hevi-Shot.
  6. Endorsed by Ducks Unlimited and Patrick Flanigan, Professional Exhibition Shooter/World Record Holder.
  7. Ported for improved accuracy.

Upon initial inspection, the unit feels extremely solid and seems to be heat treated.  The machining is nice and the fit and finish is in line with what appears to be a very quality product.  The product itself is five and one eighth inches long on “Cylinder” and four and seven eighth inches long in “XX Full”.  The choke has eight settings:

  1. Cylinder
  2. Skeet
  3. Improved Cylinder
  4. Light Modified
  5. Modified
  6. Improved Modified
  7. Full
  8. Extra Full
  9. XX Full

There are no restrictions on what kind of shot may be used with this choke, but there are restrictions on the settings to be used with certain shot types.

  1. Steel Shot/Hevi-Shot/Buck Shot may not be used with a setting tighter than “Modified”.  The preferred setting would be between “Cylinder” and “Light Modified”.
  2. Slugs may only be used on “Cylinder”.

Because this unit is adjustable, it requires a tool to install it in the shotgun.  The tool is included, and installation is very simple.  Before installing this product, please follow basic firearms safety rules and make sure your firearm is unloaded, etc.  Just make sure the firearm is clean, the choke threads (barrel and choke) are oiled, and thread the choke into the barrel end.  I started it by hand and finished with the tool.  Once the choke is installed, it is very easy to use.  Either twist it to open or close the choke.  Each setting has a nice little “click” that you feel, that indicates you are in a position.  The setting is also indicated by a label on the choke itself so you know what position it is in. 

Upon testing the product, there was a definite difference between the settings in overall pattern size.  Unfortunately, I was not shooting in a location that was large enough to get all the way out to 40 yards to verify that each setting truly delivered a proper percentage of shot.  That being said, since pellet percentages are determined by the combination of the shotgun, ammunition, and choke, there are no guarantees that my results would have been truly indicative of any other shotgun, ammunition, and choke combination.  And, since most hunters use their shotguns at well under 40 yards, what you are looking for is a 30 inch spread at whatever distance you are hunting at not necessarily its performance at 40 yards.  In this aspect, having a eight position choke is incredibly handy because you are very likely to find a setting that produces that 30 inch kill zone, regardless of shotgun, ammunition, and choke combination.

The positives to the product are abundant.  You only need to purchase one choke , instead of one for each setting you use.  This saves money, by eliminating the need for up to eight individual chokes.  It eliminates the time you would need to change from one choke to another.  You won’t need to keep track of up to eight individual chokes.  This also eliminates the guess work associated with buying individual chokes.  If your firearm pattern is not quite what you want, you don’t need to go buy another choke, you just use a different setting.  The versatility in acceptable shot type is a great feature.  This truly is a great “all in one” package.

The only negatives I find with this product are that it adds a fair amount of length to the barrel, up to about four inches.  It is a little heavy, which may not seem like a big deal, but if you add length and weight to the end of a barrel it makes a difference.  Finally, it may be cost prohibitive to those on a budget.

While there is a little downside to this item, I find this product provides a lot of value.  If you were to purchase eight individual chokes, it would more than likely cost more than this product, it would take more time to use, and you would need to keep track of eight chokes.  Or you can buy this one item, and have its ease of use.  The bottom line is, this lets you take what is most likely your most versatile firearm, and expand on that versatility.  I really like this product.

This review written by Joel Zielke an independent product reviewer.