A Comparison of Tifosi's Logic, Ventoux, and Mast Series of Eyewear
By Zachary Ford

I've sported three different pairs of Tifosi sunglasses for the past month and a half now. Focusing on Road and Mountain Biking as well as Off The Bike Coolness Factor I tried to find out the Pros and Cons of each. The Logic, the Ventoux and the Mast represent three very different styles and all together have five different lens options that you can use for everything from Night Riding to overcast and wooded trails and glaringly bright road rides in the middle of the day.

Tifosi Logic Sunglasses
When I first saw the Logic I thought, "These are cycling glasses." One of my favorite pairs of on the bike sunglasses are the Oakley M Frames. You could switch out the lenses and it had a simple, light frame. Unfortunately anything made by Oakley is incredibly expensive. The thing I like about the Logic is that it has everything I love about those old M frames but are half the price!

Cycling is unlike other sports because you are traveling much faster, you need a good "windshield" to protect your eyes from the wind and any dust or rocks or bugs that might fly into your eyes. To do this you need multiple lens tints. The Tifosi Logic Sunglasses is a handy to have because it is supplied with the three best lenses you can have: a clear for night riding, a rose for overcast and cloudy days and a dark grey lens for riding in the sun.

Pros: Easily swap out lenses, light frame, well ventilated.
Cons: Perhaps too much ventilation (I wear contacts) and the nose piece is a little flimsy.

Summary: A good pair of do it all glasses that you can use at any time of day – as long as you're on the bike, not very "cool" when off - but that are too ventilated for some.

Tifosi Ventoux Sunglasses
The Tifosoi Ventoux Series felt the best on my head, I could keep 'em on all day and almost forget they were there. Out of the three I tested the Ventoux Sunglasses did the best balancing between thicker frame and lens coverage. They stay on your head, won't fog up and protect your eyes. If the lens wrapped around just a little further they would be perfect. The yellow lens that came with this pair is too bright for sunny days but if you're riding under cloud-cover is very nice. It's yellow but when looking through it seems to amplify the greens, browns, reds and of course yellows so they are best suited to Mountain Biking. They even look good, not too racy but still getting the job done. And did I mention they were comfortable?

Pros: COMFORT! Great lens for the right environment/weather. Just shy of perfect lens protection.
Cons: Not good lens for sunny days.

Tifosi Mast Sunglasses
Right away I liked these frames, they're big with large rectangular lenses and you can wear them off the bike without looking like a dork. The grey lenses offer amazing optics which even though they are dark can be worn well into darkness. When first putting these on they are also the most comfortable, though, after a few hours can cause a pressure headache where the arms meet your temples. However they can feel like goggles, this is both good and bad. When riding fast it means that your eyes (contacts) are protected from the wind but if you start to ride slower or if you sweat they have the tendency to fog up. There are side vents but they can only do so much.

Pros: The lenses are amazing; it's like adding HD vision to your world. They look good enough to wear to the mall and they offer amazing eye protection.
Cons: Perhaps too much protection, they like to fog if you stop moving. Too much pressure on the sides of your head after a long ride, though, this might lessen after you have them for a couple months.

Summary: My favorite of the three, if you could switch out the lenses they would be perfect.

In the end:
If I were to pick one pair I'd go with the Tifosi Logic simply because you get three lenses with it. If I lived in the Pacific Northwest I'd go with the Tifosi Ventoux but right now, living in Texas and riding the way I do – aggressively – I'd have to pick the Tifosi Mast as my favorite pair. Sure, they have a tendency to fog up but as someone who wears contacts I would rather deal with that then have my eyes dry out and not be able to see.