In the world of optics where you typically get what you pay for, few people are willing to risk a hunting trip on a inexpensive scope.  The idea of a quality, full featured scope under $200 may seem like a foreign concept, but it has been done.  Redfield, a name that should be very familiar, is actually a brand of Leupold & Stevens now, and the Revenge line is their entry level, budget friendly scope.  The entry level scope we have here today is the Redfield Revenge 3x9x42 with Accu-Ranger reticle.

Inside the box you will find the scope itself, a owner’s manual, and registration card.


One of the first things that stands out about the Revenge series scopes is the overall fit and finish.  It is a good looking scope, has a nice finish, feels solid and well built.  The list of features is impressive, particularly considering the cost.  The things Redfield lists on the side of the box are:

Lifetime Warranty

Waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof

Multicoated optics

Pop-up, resettable quarter inch MOA windage and elevation adjustments

European style fast focus eyepiece

Available with Accu-Ranger Ballistics System (Reviewed)

As I was examining the scope more in depth I was impressed by the brightness and clarity present.  It actually made a similarly priced rimfire scope I have look dull and yellow in contrast.    The magnification selector is easy to grip, and the movement is smooth although a little stiff, which I find completely acceptable.  The one I reviewed included the Accu-Ranger Ballistics System.  It would be nice if I could put something in the review to show you what it is and how it works, but anything I could do simply wouldn’t do it justice.  There is a great demonstration on their website at  Compared to other scopes that aid in ranging and accounting for bullet drop, the Accu-Ranger Ballistics System is clean and neat.  I love that it doesn’t add a bunch of other stuff to your view.  For all intents and purposes, the view through the scope is essentially identical to a conventional scope set up.  Additionally, it carries a lifetime warranty, that is serviced by their headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

I don’t know that I have any real complaints, about this scope, but there are some things I think people should know.  First, that this scope is made in the Philippines.  While I don’t take any issue with this fact, Leupold scopes, and the Redfield line (while its been part of Leupold) are traditionally American made.  Information regarding the country of manufacture is somewhat vague until you get it in your hands and it says “Philippines”.  I also found when in very vivid light situations (pointed closely towards the sun, or at certain angles), that the image could wash out, or get fuzzy and soft around the edges.  While I highly doubt it would typically be an issue, it is something that should be noted particularly in instances where you may be hunting sunrise or sunset in open areas.  Additionally the tube shadow can be heavy at times.  Again, that can be dependent on the amount of eye relief etc, but it is worth noting.

In the end, if I was in the market for a budget scope this, or one in the line would be at the top.  If for no other reason than the lifetime warranty backed by Leupold.  That speaks volumes to me about the company’s confidence in its product.  If something ever did go awry with it, it will be fixed or replaced by the manufacturer!  I didn’t find anything in my handling of the product that led me to believe it was an inferior product, but rather it seems they found a way to reduce production cost and offer a high value product.  I highly recommend this line of scopes-particularly where budget is concerned.

This review written by Joel Zielke an independent product reviewer.