The Nikon Monarch Riflescope line offers you a confident shot over the longest distances by providing superb optics. It has a 4x magnification zoom range on every model which provides flexibility for up-close shots as well as long-range canyon-to-canyon shots. These scopes also have a locking side focus parallax adjustment that has an easy-to-reach dial that allows you to quickly focus from a shooting position. They offer 4 inches of eye relief and Nikon's BDC reticle that is configured to make better use of the long range magnification and clarity that this scope has. It allows hunters to hold "dead on" at ranges exceeding those previously thought possible. Both long and short range shots work superbly with this reticle. These scopes use Nikon's ultra ClearCoat® Optical system that will draw in the light, even in the dusk or dawn and they have great magnification ranges. Light transmission is up to 95%. Nikon maintains the one-inch diameter, one-piece main body tube of the old Monarch series, but new optics provide for a big, bright, sharp sight picture in a shorter riflescope. Nikon uses lead-and-arsenic-free Eco Glass lenses. The new riflescope includes the Monarch Eye Box design with an impressive 4-time zoom range and 4 inches of eye relief, while the magnification references numbers are viewable from the shooting position.

Most Monarchs come in a Matte finish and have several reticle options. Types of reticle include BDC, Mildot, Nikoplex, Fine Crosshair, Fine Crosshair w/Dot, and German #4. These scopes will give you an excellent hunting experience whether you are going for varmint, target, or even big game.

Nikon Riflescopes are waterproof, fogproof and shockproof; being filled with nitrogen and sealed with Nikon's O-ring technology. All Monarch riflescopes use precise, repeatable, hand turn reticle adjustments and feature the Interchangeable Turret Technology system which allows shooters to switch out turret knobs and caps.

One of the optional accessories is a sunshade that will eliminate glare in particularly bright conditions. This will also keep dust and rain off the objective lens.

The Nikon Monarch Long Range Scopes all have a minimum focus of 3x or better. The 8-32x50ED SF uses Nikon's advanced ED (extra-low dispersion) glass which eliminates chromatic aberration while the lens system delivers excellent image clarity and resolution. This scope has a huge power range and the big 50mm objective lens creates optimum brightness for any lighting condition. It has 1/8 MOA adjustment.

Nikon Africa Scopes use a German #4 reticle which is the proven choice for dangerous game hunting. The hand-turn MOA click adjustments and easy-to-use positive click reticle adjustments help you get zeroed in quicker and maintain your settings-even with heavy recoil. A quick focus eyepiece allows the shooter to instantly bring the reticle into sharp focus. These scopes are specifically designed for dangerous game hunting in Africa. The Monarch African 1-4x20 delivers a huge field of view and a 20mm-5mm exit pupil range for low-light hunting. The 1-4 power range keeps shooters on target in fast situations where you want to keep both eyes open. Optics are fully multicoated for crystal clear viewing and the power range can handle fast shots with dangerous game. The 30mm body tube is larger, providing maximum resolution, windage and elevation travel and low-light performance. The Monarch African 1.1-4x24 is built with late night or low light, low contrast situations in mind.

The Nikon Monarch Gold Series Riflescopes are the pinnacle of technology and engineering. The big, European-style 30mm tube features greater strength, larger internal lenses for enhanced resolution and a broader light path from objective to eyepiece lens, wider windage and elevation travel than the typical one-inch tube. The larger internal lenses provides a "sweet spot" for enhanced resolution. They have a locking side focus adjustment which can dial out parallax for the longest shots. They have four inches of constant eye relief, which is especially important for guns that are hard-kicking. Their quick focus eyepiece allows the shooter to instantly bring the reticle into sharp focus. The Monarch Gold 2.5-10x56 is a low light specialist that gives a huge field of view at lower magnifications. Some models have a glass etched reticle.

The Nikon Monarch X Riflescopes are what you want if precision shots are what you need. These scopes are designed for the professional and will perform superbly for tens of thousands of rounds. They have larger internal lenses and a matte black anodized finish.

The Nikon Monarch is designed to give shooters increased versatility and superlative performance with almost any kind of rifle, with any caliber, and in any imaginable hunting situation.