For everything that is useful there is an associated chore.  Cars make it easier to get to and from work or play, and whatever errands we all have to accomplish.  As convenient a tool as a car is, there is another side.  The side where it requires oil changes, cleaning, and other assorted repairs.  Firearms are the same way.  They are incredibly useful as a tool for hunting, self-defense, or even shooting sports.  One of the chores of owning a scoped firearm is sighting the scope in, or verifying that the scope is zeroed.  The point of the NcSTAR cartridge style laser boresighters is to reduce the amount of time spent on the chore side of firearms ownership.

In the NcSTAR cartridge style laser boresighter package you receive:

  1. One laser boresighter in selected caliber (In this case a 7MM Remington Magnum).
  2. Three batteries

The best thing about a laser boresighter of the cartridge style is the simplicity to it.  There isn’t a bunch of extra “stuff”.  There are no extra steps trying to figure out which arbor to use, or concern about whether or not the laser is straight compared to the barrel.  With this tool you literally pull it out of the package, put the batteries in, insert it into the chamber and you are all set.  It is very straight forward.

We will quickly run through using this item, to give you an idea of just how easy it is to use.  Please remember that this will help you boresight your firearm, but it can not fix a weapon that is not in good general repair.  Make sure your inspect all your stock screws, scope mount screws, scope mount(s), etc.  Also, as always, practice your basic firearm safety rules!

  1. The first time you use the boresighter you need to install the batteries.  You simply twist the back off the cartridge unit, insert the batteries, and then screw the back end of the cartridge back on.  Note in the picture below that the rear of the cartridge is partially unscrewed.
  2. To turn the bore sighter on, simply screw the back end completely onto the cartridge.
  3. With your firearm in a vice and securely anchored, insert the activated cartridge into the chamber.  Do not close the action!  Some extractors can cause damage to the unit!
  4. With the laser on a target (blank piece of paper would work) you can now set your scope to approximate zero.  Windage should be very close to alignment with the red dot.  Elevation will vary depending on ballistics of the round used, your zero range, and on how far out you are doing the sighting-in at.

The instructions list twenty-five yards as the recommended distance to sight-in at.  I stretched it out to twenty yards on a bright day and had no problems at all with the visibility of the laser.  That seems like a very reasonable distance to do a basic sighting-in.

The biggest thing to love about this item is the simplicity.  It simply works!  There is no additional work or sorting through additional pieces.  There is no calibrating the laser or needing to be concerned with whether or not the laser is straight.  With the laser in the action, the laser must be straight, or it won’t shine through the barrel. 

There is only one downside to this product that I can tell.  If you shoot multiple calibers, you would need one of these for every caliber you shoot (if they are even available in that caliber).  That would both use a lot of money and a lot of space to have a full set.

Overall I love how quick and easy it is to use this product versus similar items.  I particularly recommend this item to people who own a single caliber or limited calibers, or who are concerned about inserting another style of boresighter into the barrel of their weapon.

This review written by Joel Zielke an independent product reviewer.