written by independent reviewer Nick Pullano of P&P Outdoors

The Moultrie Game Spy D-55 Trail Camera is the best camera available for the price.  I can’t figure out how Moultrie can sell this camera for such a reasonable price.  This is, to date, the best trail camera that I have ever used; not to mention the top quality photos taken, day and night!  The best part about this camera, to me, is the battery life.  The battery life is unbeatable.  Moultrie has made this camera extremely simple to use, providing only necessary buttons.  Moultrie has really outdone itself with this camera, providing a top quality camera combined with complete affordability.

Simplicity is key when sneaking into a big buck’s territory.  It is essential to be able to get in and out, quickly and quietly.  This camera provides the hunter with just that capability.  The Game Spy D-55 was designed to be attached to a tree or pole with a single, easy to adjust, buckle and strap.  The body of the camera also has the convenient feature allowing the hunter to use bungees to attach it to whatever the hunter wishes to attach the camera to.  The camera opens with the flip of two clips, exposing the controls, memory card slot and battery compartment.  This camera has an easy-to-read LCD display screen which you can see with the camera all latched up. 

There are several options available with this camera. These setting options include daytime video and still photos, color pictures with this game scouting camera is a snap with multi-shot capability. This scouting camera offers multiple video settings – time of 5, 15 and 30 seconds along with high and low resolution. This camera takes the standard SD memory card up to 16 GB. This camera has a TV out slot for video cable, plus a USB port (with included cable) to transfer game images to any desktop or laptop computer.

Moultrie D-55 Pic

On a five star scale, this camera would get a five star rating from me.  I leave my camera in the woods 24/7 for months on end and it has performed at its full capability the entire time.  The Moultrie D-55 has performed flawlessly as far as I am concerned.  It requires six C batteries, which you would think that taking thousands of photos would wear down quickly.  But that is not the case with this camera.  I’ve only changed the batteries once; they lasted me 5 months.  I replaced the batteries two months ago when they were at 20% because I wasn’t going to be able to check on the camera for a few months.  It is still in the woods as I am writing this and I am confident that the batteries are at about 80%-90%.

Moultrie D-55 Trail Cam pic

On my property, the deer, along with other wildlife, move mostly at night time.  This camera is perfect for me because the flash is supposed to reach out to 50 feet.  Well, in the photo to the right, the big oak tree is at 25 yards (or 75 feet) and the camera’s flash reaches it with ease!  The flash is bright enough to capture images far away, but not too intense to the point of washing out the photo when taking close-up shots. You can see that there is obviously a little bit of whiteout in the photo above, but what do you expect when a buck is investigating the camera at point blank? 

Moultrie D-55 Cam Pic

The Game Spy D-55 has a relatively quick trigger speed.  I get several action shots of deer and coyotes running past the camera.  This game cam does a great job of capturing action shots that others would easily miss.  I have walked past it quickly and listened for the shutter click, but I couldn’t hear it.  I went back and took a look at the pictures; sure thing, it caught me.  Not only is the shutter speed quick, but it is virtually silent, which means no more spooked game.  The first photo in this review is one of six photos taken of that buck in a two minute time frame.  The buck obviously wasn’t spooked at all.

Moultrie D-55 Trail Cam pic

Weather doesn’t seem to affect the camera at all!  I have photos in high summer heat and the freezing winter cold.  Michigan has had an odd winter this year.  We have had warm and cold weather, just days apart.  I have photos in 55 degree weather and two days later in one degree weather with four inches of snow on the ground.  My camera takes beautiful photos in the snow as you can see.  Michigan’s weather has fluctuated so much this year that I would expect some wear on the camera or its battery life, but it has performed at top quality the entire time!  Every time I go into the field to check my photos, I assume that the batteries would wear down, but they prove me wrong time and time again.  Weather is no match for this camera; the housing insulates the batteries enough to last through the coldest of Michigan’s winter days.  Rain and snow have a notorious record of ruining thousands of cameras a year by seeping through the gaskets installed on game cameras.  This camera has not shown me any signs of water seepage yet.  The gasket looks and performs like I hoped it would.  I have personally had a camera ruined due to a poor gasket design; therefore I look for top quality when I shop for cameras.  The Moultrie Game Spy was built for all weather and was definitely built for outdoorsmen like me!