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Lucid 3X Magnifier Review -

Lucid 3X Magnifier

If you have ever looked around at the prices of red dot scope magnifiers, you were likely blown away at the ultra high prices considering what you really get, and that was the driving factor behind lucid producing a number of magnifiers.  Lucid knew that the optics did not need to be that expensive, nor did the magnifiers.  So they set out to produce a number of magnifiers, that were not only high quality, but very affordable, and the model I’m going to talk about here is the 3X magnifier, but this magnifier works with all red dots, not just the Lucid HD7 as long as you use the appropriate mount, which is the first point I need to make. Only the2X magnifier needs no mount (because it screws to the scope), but this model (3X) and the Variable both require mounts (not included) and there are a number of mounts on the market, such as fixed and swing away. Personally I prefer a swing away magnifier because I don’t need to remove the magnifier from the rifle.

Lucid 3X

Having a separate magnifier for your optics is a great was to enhance your rifles capabilities with the same scope, but it does have one issue, and that is, you need a lot more space on your Picatinny rails, such as a full length rail on your rifle, because the red dot needs to be mounted more forward on the rifle, so there is still enough room on the rail to place the magnifier and mount. If you don’t have the needed space, you can look into cantilever mounts, or extending the current Picatinny rails to provide the required room.

Lucid 3X

As for the 3X magnifier made by Lucid, it’s 100% waterproof & fogproof, as well as 100% shockproof (tested to up to and including 7.62x51mm Nato/308 Winchester). The frame is made of high quality aluminum, with a matte black finish, with a good portion also having Rubber Armor. The Length of the unit is 4.25 inches, with a 30mm tube, with an exit pupil of 14mm, and a weight of 6.5 oz. As expected it’s a 3 power magnifier, which would turn the Lucid HD7 into a 3X red dot, with a field of view of 40 feet at 100 yards, and an eye relief of 3 inches, and for those who wear glasses, or otherwise have a slightly fuzzy image when you look through your magnifier, you can use the magnifiers built in Diopter + or – to tune the image so it’s nice and sharp.

Lucid 3X

Overall I was very impressed in this magnifier. It’s very well built, with very high quality glass, and easy to adjust, in fact. It’s so good, you really wonder why the big name companies units cost so very much. And I like the fact that this is not a lucid specific red dot magnifier. This red dot magnifier is good enough that not only do a recommend it to others, but I personally would buy another one from Webyshops without a second thought.

Lucid 3X

It’s a very well built and affordable 3X magnifier for red dot scopes.

This article was written by Gary Graham. Gary Graham is the owner of Weaponeer Channel on YouTube and and a disabled veteran.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article and video are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of or its employees.