Lucid Variable Magnifier

The choice of optics for most people is based more on its intended role. Hunters, target shooters, etc like to use rifle scopes, and Military, tactical, and 3 gun or other close range competitive shooters like to use red dot scopes for instinctive and quick target acquisition, and while some people do hunt with a red dot, typically it’s a short range setup, and for some time now you could buy red dot scope magnifiers, to give the red dot more range and capability. Typically red dots are built for fast target acquisition and engagement, but if you need to engage a target farther out, then you need magnification for a more precise shot. But up till now those big name magnifiers cost nearly as much as some scopes do, which is shocking to say the least, but now, Lucid (the company that sells the HD7 red dot scope) is also producing high quality red dot magnifiers, and they are not specific to the Lucid HD7 scope, meaning they work with just about any red dot scope (as long as you have the proper mount) as well as the Lucid HD7, which is great news for those of us who would rather spend more money on ammunition, rather than a product name, when the quality is as high as it is on the Lucid 2x – 5x variable red dot magnifier.

Lucid 2x-5x Magnifier

Speaking of the 2x – 5x variable, like the other Lucid magnifiers, it’s 100% waterproof and fogproof (Nitrogen Purged), and it’s also shockproof (tested up to and including the 458 SOCOM). Its Length is 4.75 inches, the mounting tube is 30mm, and the weight is 7.4 oz.,

Magnification: 2x to 5x, Eye Relief: 4" at 2.5 setting and the field of view is (2x, 40ft @ 100yds) - (5x, 25.5ft @ 100yds), the Objective Lens: 21mm

Ocular Lens: 28mm, and one of the cool features is the magnifier is adjustable for reticle centering (and they even include the wrench), but enough with all the specs.

Lucid Variable Magnifier

Why would you want a variable magnifier in the first place? And the answer is a simple one, with a fixed magnification, you are stuck at whatever magnifier is in place, or you can remove it, but with the variable, the shooter can choose either a low (2x) or the higher (5x) magnification depending on the distance to target, which provides the shooter far more choices to suit his environment. It should be noted that Lucid was the first company to bring a variable magnifier to market (they are not afraid of innovation).

Lucid 2x-5x magnifier

When the LUCID variable red dot magnifier is mounted on the Picatinny rail, it is in series with the red dot, and it must be properly positioned to provide the correct eye relief for the shooter, which means the magnifier is basically positioned where your scope was mounted, and your scope must be moved forward (using cantilever mounts if needed).  Rail space is the one thing you really need to plan on from the start, which means you may need an extra long rail to fit a red dot scope, magnifier and mount (mount not included), and your BUIS if you use one. If you have the room, the variable magnifier is a great buy.

Lucid Variable Magnifier

Once you have the magnifier in place, turn on your red dot scope, and look through the magnifier to see where your dot (or other reticle) is floating, and if it needs adjustment, you can use the Allen wrench to change the position of the dot to align it to the center (much like you would adjust your scope using it’s turrets, but in this case there is no need “sight-in” the magnifier, only the scope (which is a good idea after moving it on the rail).

Lucid Magnifier

A comment on Magnifier mounts (which are not included). You can use a simple 30mm scope ring to mount your magnifier, or you can go more high tech by buying one of the quick detach (QD) purpose built magnifier mounts, which give you the option to very quickly remove the magnifier. Without a magnifier in place you will have a full field of view (especially if you are using the Lucid HD7 Scope), but once you mount the magnifier, you lose field of view (just like if you were using a normal scope), but with the variable, you can have it on 5 power for long range work, and turn it all the way down to 2 power for close to mid range, and if you have the purpose built mount with the swing away feature (which I prefer) you can quickly swing away the magnifier for the up close, full field of view for the quick target acquisition, as well as for low light conditions it was designed for.

Lucid Magnifier

Overall I really like my 2X to 5X variable magnifier from Webyshops, it seems very well built, and the glass is high quality and optically clear in anything but low light (what do you expect when it has an exit pupil under 30mm, rather than the 50mm you may be using on your hunting rifle), and the magnification ring rotates from 2X to 5X without any hesitation and resonable resistance. The drawback is the space it takes up on the rail, and pushing the red dot much farther away than most people like, but if you leave the magnifier mounted it’s not a big deal especially because it’s a variable power magnifier. So based on all the above, I’m very satisfied with the Lucid 2X – 5X variable power red dot magnifier, and if those minor limitations such as rail space are not a big deal with your setup, I really think you will like it to, and for that reason I recommend it, especially due to the price point.

This article was written by Gary Graham. Gary Graham is the owner of Weaponeer Channel on YouTube and and a disabled veteran.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article and video are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of or its employees.