Eotech Holographic Sights Review

Holographic weapon sights by L3 Communication EOTech are some of the most unique weapon sights on the market today. In EOTech's HW sights the reticle is replaced by a hologram, that is projected by a laser. What makes these sights extremely effective for close combat and fast response situations is the fact that EoTech's reticle is large and yet it does not obstruct the field of view, while remaining highly visible in any light, centered in the scope regardless of the view angle. It does not distract the operator. The dot is visible to the user only and can not be spotted from any other angle even with the use of night vision devices. Flat window surface has a special anti-reflective coating reducing the likelihood of detection.

Holographic weapon sight (collimator sight) is classified as an open scope or reflex scope type, becasue the shooter does not have to close one eye during operation. The larger field of view allows operator to use his periferal vision and reduce response time to possible threats or changes in the tactical or hunitng situations. It should be noted, that holographic weapon sights allow for significantly higher rate of fire, compared to traditional riflescopes, which makes it a great choice of sight when engaging moving targets.

Some EoTech models have special "NV" mode designed for compatability with night vision devices. When switched to night vision mode, the brightness of the reticle is significantly improves visibility through night vision devices while reducing halo effect around reticle.

Eotech Holographic weapon sights have another unique characteristic - they can be used in any weather conditions - rain, sleet, snow and even during heavy fog. Reticle is visible in the sight even when the holographic window is covered with dust, snow and even partially broken.

L3 Communications EOTech produces several models of holographic weapon sights (HWS):

* EOTech 510 - the most basic, but probably the most popular models, without "NV" mode

* EOTech 550 - these models are similar to 510's but have "NV" mode built in order function in conjunction with night vision devices (I-IV generation)

*EoTech XPS2 and XPS3 - the latest and the most compact holographic sights on the market. They are powered by a single type 123 battery. Models XPS3 have "NV" mode capability built in, while XPS2 do not.

*EoTech G23.FTS 3x Magnifier - is a stand alone optical magnifier that is designed to be placed in front of the holographic sight and provides for 3x image magnification. Magnifier is equipped with a Flip-to-side (FTS) mount that allows for the magnifier to be quickly "flipped to side" when the magnifying capability is no longer needed without having to remove the magnifier from the mounting rail. G23.FTS magnifier is compatible with all EoTech HWSights. However, the models that have controls positioned on the rear of the sight (away from the operator) make these models difficult to operate with the magnifier.


The main distinguishing characteristics between EoTech models 510 and 550 are the battery type (AA, NN or CR123) and corresponding size differences, and also

reticle type. Standard reticle type is a 1 MOA dot with a round circle 65MOA (A65/1). Alternative reticle is simply a 1 MOA dot (wthout a circle) - (D1).
EOTech D1 Pattern   EOTech A65 Pattern   EOTech 223 Pattern
D1   A65   Ballistic
.223 caliber

Eotech Sights XPS2 and XPS3 use one CR123 type battery, have the same size and have 3 different reticle types:

-A65/1 - 1MOA dot with a 65MOA circle (designated as -0, as in XPS2-0)

-D1 - 1MOA dot wihout a circle (designated as -1, as in XPS3-1)

-2 1MOA dots with 65MOA circle (designated as-2, as in XPS3-2)

Holographic Sights EOTech XPS

EoTech Holographic Weapon Sight Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • Magnification: 1x
  • Reticle window dims : 30 мм х 23 мм
  • Exit Pupil : Unlimited
  • Min Adjustment : 1/2 МОА
  • Windage and elevation adjustment @ 100 м: + / - 40 МОА
  • Operating time:
          battery type АА – 600 hours (alkaline) or 1100 hours(NiMh or rechargable)
          battery type N – 200 hours
          battery type123 – 600 hours
  • Operating temperature range -30°C до +65°С
  • Mount: universal Weaver/Picatinny


  • EOTech 512 Holo Sight
    EOTech 512,   EOTech 552
    Holographic sight EOTech 516
    EOTech 516
    Holographic sight EOTech 517
    EOTech 517
    Holographic sight EOTech 511 и EOTech 551
    EOTech 551
    Holographic sight EOTech XPS
    EOTech XPS
    EOTech G23.FTS Magnifier
    EOTech G23.FTS Magnifier
    Information table EOTech 510 models
      512 516 517
    Battery Type AA CR123 AA
    Reticle Type A65/1 A65/1 A65/1
    Waterproof, м 3 3 3
    Dimensions, мм 131x49x60 130x53x71 133x49x71
    Weight, g 326 372 372
    Location of controls rear left side left side
    Information table EOTech 550 models
      551 552 552.D1 553 555 556 557
    Battery type N AA AA CR123 AA CR123 AA
    Reticle type A65/1 A65/1 D1 A65/1 A65/1 A65/1 ballistic
    223 caliber
    Waterproof depth, м 10 10 10 20 20 10 10
    Dimensions, мм 102x49x60 131х49х60 131x49x60 124х49х71 140х49х70 130х53х71 133х49х71
    Weight, g 250 326 326 349 - 372 -
    Controls location rear rear rear rear rear left side left side

    Informational table EOTech XPS models

      XPS2-0 XPS2-1 XPS2-2 XPS3-0 XPS3-1 XPS3-2
    Battery type CR123
    Reticle type A65/1 D1 2 dots 1MOA
    with circle 65MOA
    A65/1 D1 2 dots 1MOA
    with circle 65MOA
    Waterpoof depth, м 3 10
    Dimensions, мм 95x61x61
    Weight, g 250
    Controls location rear