Elcan DigitalHunter is the first digital riflescope, developed specifically with a traditional consumer in mind. As the name suggests - hunters of all types - are the primary audience for this rifle scope. As a device, Elcan DigitalHunter is a combination of high end optical components, digital photo and video cameras - all in one. Based on the design, Elcan's riflescope is capable of recording video and photo images during most hunting moments: right before, during and after the shot is fired. These capabilities set the unit apart from all other riflescopes on the market, but they are not the only distinguishing characteristics of the riflescope. Digital technologies that are built into the device allow a hunter to upload various types of reticles into the scope and subsequently choose the most optimal one for each specific situation. For example, the rifle where scope is mounted, may be sighted in using various reticles at different distances, and different reticles may serve as designators for different cartridge types used, or even during different weather conditions.

The results from the sighting in process at the range along with ballistic tables are stored in the internal memory of the riflescope (on the SD-card). When the rifle is fully sighted in, all the user have to do is to input the distance to the target and the software will automatically calculate and make necessary adjustments. Elcan DigitalHunter has digital zoom capabilities from 2.5x to 16.5x. Since the zoom is digital, when image is magnified reticle does not change or shift as it typically happens in optical scopes, and resolution also stays the same when the field of view is reduced. One of the more important distinguishing characteristics between traditional riflescopes and DigitalHunter is the fact that eye relief on the digital scope stays constant during zoom.

Base model may be used in low light conditions with reasonable effectiveness. If used in conjunction with IR Flashlights, Elcan DigitalHunter Day/Night model becomes a fully functional night vision riflescope. Effective observational distance at Night with IR Flashlights is dependent on the power of the flashlight and typically reaches 100-150 meters/yards. DHDN-KIT version of the scope comes with Yukon IR Flashlights that make the unit fully capable to "see" at night up to 70 meters/yards.

Elcan DigitalHunter functionality is driven by its digital interface - all the push buttons are located on the top of the scope for easy access. The top panel of the scope also contains color LCD screen that makes selection of the proper modes and other adjustments very easy.

Photo and video capture can be made either automatically or manually. You can program DigitalHunter to begin recording a 10 second video during the shot being fired or before by activating a corresponding button. The video gets stored on an SD card. You can program the scope to include 1 to 5 seconds before the shot. Immediately following the shot, you can review both photo and video that was recorded ight on the LCD screen on top of the scope.

The scope has a built in USB port. The port allows easy transfer of photos and video to you computer as well as making it easier to use the software - for example, you have the option to add your own reticles, load ballistic information and so on. In addition to that Elcan Digital Hunter has a vidoe-out, that allows you to feed your video to an external monitor, giving you the same view as what is seen by the shooter through the scope itself. It's a great feature to have for target and competitive shooting.

The scope is also designed to accomodate external power supply (the power supply module is not included with any of the kits)

Riflescope Elcan DigitalHunter can be mounted on either "Picatinny" or "Weaver" rails.

Magnification, x 2.5 - 16.5
Field of View @ 100m, m 36.4 (2.5x) - 5.8 (16.5x)
Exit pupil , mm 12
Eye Relief , mm 60
Diopter Adjustment ±6
Battery life, hours 4
Battery Type Lithium AA (4)
Temperature Range , °C From -20 to +49
Length, мм 30
Weight, g 735
Video Quality 15Hz, QVGA
Photo Compression JPEG
Video Compression DV AVI Type 2 (MJPEG)
Memory Type Secure Digital Card (SD)

Image examples obtained through Digital Hunter Riflescope:

Elcan Rifle Scope - Example Images

Elcan Rifle Scope - Example Images

Model Distinguishing Characteristics Price
DH1 (DigitalHunter) Base Model $1200
DHDN (DigitalHunter Day/Night) Base Model + Day/Night Mode $1400
DHDN-KIT (DigitalHunter Day/Night KIT)

Base Model + Day/Night Mode + 2 Yukon IR Flashlights and Tri-rail mount


In place of Yukon IR Flashlights, Elcan DigitalHunter DayNight can be used in conjunction with other IR Flashlights

Model Characteristics Price
Da-Torch Small
Da Torch

Compact IR Flashlight. Power rating 350 MWT. IR Wave Length 830 nm. Adjustable output. Comes with mount.

Extended Range IR Flashlight
Extended Ramge IR

IR Flashlight. Power rating 350 MWT with long range capabilities. IR Wave Lengh 830 nm.