AR-15 rifles are quickly turning into a classic American firearm, following in the 1911’s course. More are being seen around hunting camps, primarily due to the AR-15’s versatility and ease.  Chambered in a lightweight cartridge and being an overall lightweight gun, it seems purely logical the AR-15 should be equipped with an equivalently weighted scope. Recently Burris presented the AR332, a sight specifically designed for the AR-15 style rifles.

The Ballistic CQ, a new glass etched Burris reticle has been incorporated in the AR-332. This reticle can be interchanged between a green and red illumination utilizing an adjustable rheostat on top of the scope. If you prefer to not use illumination, the reticle is still viewable in black.  Handy if the battery happens to run dead out in the field.

The CR2032 battery will last 500 hours on the medium setting and 200 on the brightest which is more than sufficient through most hunting trips.  As for the illumination, there’s an excellent luminosity range. In low light the lowest two settings on the rheostat are not too overwhelming, therefore concealing the target and in very bright conditions the highest setting is still vibrant and does not wash the target out.

As one might envision from the label, the Ballistic CQ is a reticle that is specifically matched for the 223 Rem / 5.56 NATO and the 308 Win / 7.62x51mm. The reticle can also be fairly matched to a variety of 308 or 223 loads from 5.56 55gr FMJ all the way to the 168 gr Sierra Match King load in a 308.

The rugged all metal construction should prove quite durable.  A rubber O-ring used around the battery compartment ensuring a completely waterproof unit.  Although an AR-15 can be outfitted with almost any scope when paired with a correct base and rings setup, compact scopes of lower magnification are usually preferred. With the AR-332, Burris brings to the table a fixed three power scope that mounts to either the AR-15 carry handle or directly to the M4 flattop receiver with the supplied picatinny rail. Its basic carry handle mount allows the sight to fit into aftermarket ACOG mounts like those from GG&G.

The Ballistic CQ reticle allows for fast target acquisition on close range or moving targets. An easy to use bullet-drop compensator provides holdover marks for use out to 500 yards. The AR-332 also includes a set of lens cap covers and a small sunshade. It’s worth considering using the Burris AR-332 for any AR-15 setup.