Hunting has intrigued me since I was very young. I grew up in a family that did not hunt, but I was fortunate enough to have an 80 acre farm in Sears, Michigan that has been in my family since 1912. I grew up going to our property; weekend after weekend, summer after summer and fell in love with it. When I was nine, I got my hands on an H.S. Strut turkey hunting DVD and decided that I wanted to hunt. My parents supported me and let me take hunter’s safety.

My best friend, Kyle Parker, whom I met through youth hockey, became my hunting partner. We grew up hunting together at my property and behind his house and we haven’t missed a turkey or deer season since. We have learned everything that we know about hunting through trial and error, along with our addiction to the Sportsman Channel.

I have been a dedicated bow hunter since my first hunt with a Fred Bear recurve that my grandpa shot competitively with when he was young. I have recently expanded my big game spectrum to black bear and have been successful in Michigan. I brought my mother’s video camera with me on my bear hunt and videotaped the entire thing. After the hunt, I started editing the footage and found out how amazing it is that I can show people exactly what I saw on my hunt.

Once I watched the video, I knew that I had to capture every hunt on video. I was thinking of a great way that I could share my hunts and came up with P&P Outdoors. This is a website where we (Kyle and I) share our hunting videos and photos. We now are composing written product reviews, video product reviews and how-to videos for Our goal with P&P Outdoors is to grow and start producing videos professionally so that we can spend our lives doing what we love and sharing our experiences with the world.