Growing up in a family that loved the outdoors my love was for the outdoors was instilled in me at a very young age.  I took my love further being the only one in my family that is a hunter. I have been interested in hunting since I was about six years old when I saw my first whitetail hunting show on television. Now I’m hooked! It's the only thing I watch trying to learn more and more to make myself a better hunter and sportsmen.

I have lived and hunted in Michigan all my life. I have done pretty well hunting with my best friend and hunting partner Nick Pullano behind my house and at his family’s 80 acres. We hunt everything we can, every chance we get. Mostly whitetail and turkey but are looking to hunt different types of animals all over the U.S. Everything I know about hunting I have taught myself, learned from talking to Nick and from watching hunting shows.

My whole life I have loved to have my bow in my hand, I love the rush that I get when I’m hunting with my bow. I have been lucky enough to kill most of my animals with my bow and hope that I can keep hunting with my bow. Lately I have found a new passion in hunting and that is taking my video camera out in the woods to capture all my hunts on tape to share them with others.

Nick and I decided that we were going to video tape all of our hunts to the best of our ability. Nick asked about starting up a website to post our hunts for everyone to see. Nick and I came up with P&P Outdoors and started putting all our pictures and videos up. We also post product reviews that we do for

I would love for our website to lead us into a future in the outdoor industry and start hunting and producing professionally. It has been a dream of mine for a long time to have a career in the outdoors and I’m hoping that P&P Outdoors helps us live our dream.