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Bob Crisman, husband and father of four fury children is a native of southwestern Washington State, an avid marksman; graphic designer; musician and future award winning film maker. His parents taught him safe firearm handling before he learned to walk and has been labeled as a “crack shot” by family and friends since he bagging his first black tail deer at the age of 13.  

When he is not working for the local newspaper he can usually be found at the local gun club using his skills as a NRA Certified Safety Officer; participating in bowling pin shoots or helping run local John Garand rifle matches for the Civilian Marksmanship Program. He has a thirst for military history which has driven his passion for collecting military arms and artifacts from WWII. When asked what his favorite items are in his collection, he will tell you it is the dog tags and coat his Grandfather wore from 1942 until his discharge in 1945 at the war’s end.

His passion for marksmanship goes beyond WWII and his hunt for the perfect firearms and optics has kept him going back to the range since buying his first riflescope as a teenager. He is always happy to share his opinion on firearms and optics and offers a great outlet for his optic reviews. He appreciates the opportunity they have given him and looks forward to seeing what’s coming next. He is also on YouTube as MunkeyRiverOutdoors.