The pop culture theme of the weekend seems to be "Duck Dynasty" related as every fourth person is wearing a piece of apparel that relates to the popular A&E TV show. I have seen overalls, camo, and business casual. Men are clean shaven, and other are growing a beard that would fit right in with the Duck Dynasty crew. There are men, women, and children of all ages from all different ends of the social spectrum. The keystone that has brought us all together is our interest in outdoor products, notably firearms. The Original Fort Worth Gun Show is one of the largest gun shows in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex of Texas. Dealers and consumers will travel from different parts of Texas, and even the country to be at the show on Saturday morning. For this was our first adventure as a dealer. For a first time on the other side of the table no amount of preparing could get you in a mindset that is required for this large of a show. In two days we handed out over 300 flyers, and spoke to hundreds of people who love our industry and products just as much as we do.

Ruger Firearms continues to prove just how much of a powerhouse they are in our industry as many people walking the show were looking for magazines, optics, and parts for their Ruger 10/22 rifle. Many consumers were surprised to learn about the BX-25x2, which consists of two factory BX-25 magazines molded together that had on special for the gun show only. Another brand which performed excellently was DPMS. The Minnesota based company that is owned by the Freedom Group is famous for their competitively priced AR style rifles. "I wish we had known to bring more of the DPMS lowers," said salesman of the century Jared Devine. The lowers were a very popular item along with the DPMS Oracle rifles, which Webyshops will be sure to continue to stock at a competitively low price.

Optics proved to be a hard category to narrow down based on the multiple applications, features, and price points. Many consumers were looking to add a practical piece of flair to their AR or their .22 LR. While EOTech proved to be a very popular item, most were looking for a sensible budget friendly optic that would be versatile for the ever expanding arsenal. Vortex Strikefire proved to be the clear winner in this category as each model was priced under $200 and is easily attached to a weaver/picatinny rail.

Overall enjoyed meeting with over 400 people, and discussing our website and storefront. "The goal here is really to just become a large presence in our local firearm community", said CEO Mikhail Orlov. "We know we have some great products at good prices, and our customer service team is more than willing to go the extra mile and add a personal touch for any potential customer."

And there's your sitrep.