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XENONICS SuperVision High Definition Night Vision Monocular Package (SV100)


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XENONICS SuperVision High Definition Night Vision Monocular Package (SV100)
XENONICS SuperVision High Definition Night Vision Monocular Package (SV100)
XENONICS SuperVision High Definition Night Vision Monocular Package (SV100)
XENONICS SuperVision High Definition Night Vision Monocular Package (SV100)
XENONICS SuperVision High Definition Night Vision Monocular Package (SV100)
XENONICS SuperVision High Definition Night Vision Monocular Package (SV100)
XENONICS SuperVision High Definition Night Vision Monocular Package (SV100)
XENONICS SuperVision High Definition Night Vision Monocular Package (SV100)
XENONICS SuperVision High Definition Night Vision Monocular Package (SV100)


The XENONICS SuperVision High Definition Night Vision Monocular Package (SV100) includes Xenonics SuperVision, Soft Carrying Case, Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery and Digital Battery Charger (with AC and DC charging capabilities).

SuperVision's 2x-8x variable zoom gets you close without actually getting close with the capability to identify subjects and objects even with bright light in dark settings without blooming from a safe distance, without compromise.

Xenonics SuperVision Night Vision is built on an entirely new, patented technology. Xenonics' engineers have taken solid-state, wide-dynamic range imaging to next level of sophistication with the application of digital signal processing (DSP) and image enhancement software that brings otherwise indistinguishable forms into sharp identifiable objects. This advanced technology, built in SuperVision, gives law enforcement the tactical edge they need to identify people and objects with crystal clarity.

Unlike most post Desert Storm Gen I, Gen II or Gen III image intensified night vision devices that have been adopted for law enforcement, SuperVision has been built from the ground up, especially designed for officers and agents and their special requirements in an increasing dangerous urban environment. While there are plenty of night vision and thermal imaging products on the market, only SuperVision is so unique that it's in a class by itself.

SuperVision Tips 101

Xenonics SuperVision has three pre-programmed operating modes, NORMAL, LIGHTER, DARKER. These three modes have roughly fifteen different variables preset for different ambient lighting conditions.
NORMAL mode is ideal for about 90% of night time use whether rural or urban environment.
DARKER mode is for extremely dark conditions, without any supplemental illumination (i.e. no IR Illuminator).
LIGHTER mode is for lighter conditions (i.e. dusk, dawn, urban, etc.). Depending on the range that you are "observing" subjects, objects, targets, LIGHTER also works very well with the IR Illuminator. When using, you can cycle though the modes to provide the clearest and best images.
SuperVision is equipped with a high definition black & white (i.e. monochrome) near-eye display, which is essentially the pixel count of a 720 rear projection TV. However, unlike a color TV which requires a Red, Blue and Yellow pixel to form an image, SuperVision's black & white display requires only one. Therefore, SuperVision's resolution is three times that of a 720P and better than 1080P.

SuperVIsion's EYE PIECE is factory set for focus (on to the actual display panel, not the observed image). Since it is a virtual projected image, the Eye Piece should NEVER, I repeat NEVER, be adjusted to bring the observed image into clear focus. ONLY USE THE FRONT OBJECTIVE LENS. If the EYE PIECE has been "adjusted", call us to walk you through steps to reset it.

SuperVision's IR Illuminator is powered by a covert 880nm infrared LED, with three power settings (used depending on target range and ambient lighting) and is focusable from wide (fills the screen at 2X) to narrow (narrows the beam to give you greater range when you zoom in).

Even though it looks like a tactical flashlight and operates like a tactical flashlight, it has some subtle differences. First of all, at any speakable distance, you cannot see the beam with your naked eye (whether you are looking out or looking back at it). So when you use it, always make sure you turn it off when you don't need it anymore. If you do not, it remains on and burn through the battery.

Secondly, with a flashlight, the battery is positioned with the "+" side inward. SuperVision's IR Illuminator is designed with the "+" side outward (facing the tail cap). When you replace the battery, make sure you insert the new battery with its "+" side outward. Otherwise, the IR Illuminator won't work.

Finally, Xenonics SuperVision is shipped with the IR Illuminator already attached, factory aligned. If the illuminator is moved, or taken off then replaced, care must be taken to realign it. Aligning is pretty simple. Make sure you have a good battery installed (you can check by turning the unit on to high power and looking directly through the Illuminator front lens. You should be able to see a dull red "glow" from the LED. If you don't, replace the battery making sure the "+' is facing outward. Make sure you are installing a good battery. Always discard the used Illuminator CR123 battery after removal (to make sure you don't mix new and used batteries). If you install a good battery and you still don't see a dull red glow from the LED, call us (although we really never see this). Now that you know that the Illuminator is working, turn it off. Go to a dark area and turn SuperVision on to NORMAL mode. While looking through the Eye Piece, turn the Illuminator on. You should observe the image change by getting brighter and clearer. If you don't, use the supplied Allen wrench to slightly loosen the Mount screw, move the Illuminator until you see a full, brighter image. While holding firmly in position, re-tighten the Mount Screw. Re-check it, then turn the Illuminator and SuperVIsion off. You are ready to go to work!


  System Specifications     
  Sensor     1/2" CCD mono  
  Near Eye Display     0.55" LCOS mono  
  CCD Total Pixels (H x V)     811 x 508  
  Display Total Pixels (H x V)     1280 x 720  
  Video Out     N/A  
  Aspect Ratio     16:9  
  Field of View (FOV) @ 1000 meters, ft     525  
  Magnification     2x fixed  
  Digital Zoom     4x  
  Focus Range, in     6 to infinity  
  Minimum Illumination     0.00005 lux  
  Light Sensitivity     300 to 1050 nm  
  Diopter Adjustment     Yes, factory set  
  Power Supply     
  Battery Type     Li-ion 18650 2200mAh
  Battery Runtime     2 hours  
  Battery Life     500 cycles  
  External Power     N/A  
  External Runtime     Indefinite  
  Immersion     1 meter  
  Operating Temperature     -20° to 60°C  
  Mechanical Features     
  Mounting     1/4" x 20  
  Battery Life     500 cycles  
  Dimensions (L x H x W), oz     6.8 x 3.2 x 2.0  
  Weight, oz     20  


  • Low-light CCD Sensor
  • 2x-8x Zoom Capability
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Battery Runtime: 2 hours
  • Smart Digital Battery Charger
  • Ruggedized Housing
  • Comfortable Hand Strap
  • Pre-Set Gain Controls
  • Easy Carry Bag
  • Limited One Year Warranty

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Availability: Discontinued