Surefire - Taking Illumination To The Next Level

Surefire's mission to design the toughest tactical lights around began with laser sights. In 1979, Surefire founder John Matthews' developed and patented a laser sight designed specifically for use on a firearm. Although Matthews' laser sights proved popular with law enforcement professionals, his concepts carried a heavy cost that most private users could not afford, and it was soon apparent that his laser sights were not commercially viable at the time. Yet what was born from Matthews' laser sight research was the concept of a weapon mounted light. Soon law enforcement professionals around the country were relying on Surefire's weapon lights, and their pursuit to advance tactical light technology was born. Today Sure Fire is a global leader in flashlights, headlamps, helmet lights, and search lights, but they also design a wealth of firearm accessories like high-capacity magazines and muzzle breaks. So grab Surefire flashlights or other great Surefire products at a steal direct from Webyshops, and don't forget to take advantage of free ground shipping on all qualified orders. Receive FREE Ground Shipping on all orders over $39.99. is an Authorized Dealer of Surefire.