Lasermax Guide Rod Lasers - Sleek Internal Lasers For Your Handgun

Don't suffer the drawbacks of attaching a laser to your handgun, install a sleek Lasermax guide rod laser and start shooting more confidently without sacrificing an inch of additional space on your pistol. The sleek design of an internal guide rod laser will leave you wondering why you ever considered another laser as you can keep your same holster, custom grips, and add-on flashlight while still utilizing this powerful laser. A Lasermax guide rod laser doesn't require a visit to the gunsmith. If you can field strip your weapon, then you can quickly replace your factory guide rod with this laser kit. We carry a distinct array of Lasermax guide rod models tuned to specific manufacturers like Beretta or Sigarms. So if you are shopping for an add on laser, you have to consider the benefits of an internal guide rod laser. To make your decision even easier, when you shop with Webyshops, you'll get a guide rod laser at a stellar price with free ground shipping included.