5.11 Eyewear

5.11 Eyewear - Mission Critical Eye Protection

We all know eyesight is something not to be taken for granted, but when ballistic eye protection and vision enhancement is mission critical, you can't afford to take any chances what so ever. Designed in conjunction with Wiley X Performance Eyewear, a leading military grade eyewear producer, 5.11 Eyewear will provide the all important eye protection you need. 5.11 Sunglasses come in both polarized and non-polarized versions, and they also are compliant with both European standards and American standards when it comes to impact management. Grab a pair of 511 Sunglasses at a price that won't leave you reeling, and when you order direct from Webyshops many models include free ground shipping. Receive FREE Ground Shipping on all orders over $39.99.

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