Waders - Gear To Confidently Traverse The Water

As the morning sun glistens off the river at your favorite fishing spot, you take a deep breath knowing your tough new pair of fishing waders will allow you to fish comfortably all day long. Waders come built with both breathable and non-breathable materials, and typically if you wear waders in colder waters, added insulation on the inside will be an investment you won't regret. Waders are divided into three primary forms. Hip waders and are generally useful in water only as high as the knees. For deeper water and the most protection, chest waders are suitable for water levels all the way up to the waist, and they are held up by suspenders so they stay put while wading. Waist-high waders are a combination of the previous two forms, and they offer protection up to the thigh as they are worn like typical pants. No matter if you are a fly fisherman or a duck hunter, we have the wader for you at a price you won't believe. Browse with confidence knowing you'll save even more off your Webyshops purchase as most waders will qualify for free ground shipping. Receive FREE Ground Shipping on all orders over $39.99.