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Speed Guns

Speed Guns - Swift Velocity Measurement

It all comes down to informed decisions in sports. So whether you are a coach or a parent, a radar gun is an invaluable tool to help gauge the success of any athlete. A speed gun will allow you to give immediate feedback to a player so you take your son or daughter's performance to the next level as they train and compete. From baseball, softball, and tennis to track and field, a speed gun is useful in nearly every sport, and many models come with specific settings to suit your chosen pastime. Even auto racing enthusiasts will find speed guns a blast as well as they can keep tabs on their favorite racer from a comfortable distance away like sitting in the stands. For something a step above a normal radar gun, a laser speed gun will allow for longer range and quicker speed readings as it utilizes optical measuring techniques rather than conventional Doppler shift measurement. Why not bring an excellent speed gun with you next time you sit in the stands, and at great low prices with free ground shipping standard on many products, you'll be glad you shopped with Webyshops. Receive FREE Ground Shipping on all orders over $39.99.


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BUSHNELL Speedster Velocity Speed Gun (101911)

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BUSHNELL Speedster Velocity Speed Gun (101911)

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