SUUNTO Quest GPS Pack, Yellow (SS018716000)


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SUUNTO Quest GPS Pack, Yellow (SS018716000)
SUUNTO Quest GPS Pack, Yellow (SS018716000)
SUUNTO Quest GPS Pack, Yellow (SS018716000)
SUUNTO Quest GPS Pack, Yellow (SS018716000)
SUUNTO Quest GPS Pack, Yellow (SS018716000)
SUUNTO Quest GPS Pack, Yellow (SS018716000)
SUUNTO Quest GPS Pack, Yellow (SS018716000)
SUUNTO Quest GPS Pack, Yellow (SS018716000)
SUUNTO Quest GPS Pack, Yellow (SS018716000)


The SUUNTO Quest GPS Pack, Yellow (SS018716000) combines the benefits of two Suunto products for ultimate versatility in Outdoor Sports.

The Suunto Quest is the heart rate monitor for performance-oriented training. Light, sleek and comfortable, it offers real-time information and full performance analysis. The Suunto Quest is personalizable with training plans, custom displays and versatile settings; and combatible with Suunto PODs for additional measurements.

The Suunto GPS Track POD stores tracks, speed, distance and GPS altitude data while you exercise and explore new territories. Connected with the Suunto Quest it will provide real-time distance and highly responsive speed readings for your outdoor activities using the Suunto FusedSpeed.


  Stopwatch     Yes  
  Laps (Manual and Automatic)     Yes  
  Max Number of Split Times in Memory     300  
  Timers     Interval Timer  
  Training Data Transfer and Analysis     Through  
  Download Exercise Programs to the Device     From  
  ANT - Digital Coded Heart Rate Signal     Yes  
  Average HR in Real Time     Yes  
  HR in Real Time     Yes  
  HR Limits     Yes  
  HR Zones     Yes  
  Calories     In Real Time  
  Memory Capacity     1 Log in the Device, Between 20 and 30 Logs in Device Memory, Depending on the Data Recorded During Training (In-Depth Log Analysis Through Movescount)  
  Recording Intervals     10 s  
  EPOC and VO2 Max     In  
  Suunto Dual Comfort Belt (Analog Coded & ANT Coded)     Included  
  Suunto ANT Heart Rate Belt     Compatible  
  Suunto Comfort Belt (ANT Coded)     Compatible  
  Dot-Matrix Display     Yes  
  Menu-Based User Interface     Yes  
  Selectable Metric/Imperial Units     Yes  
  User Replaceable Straps     Yes  
  Backlight Type     Electro-Luminescent Display  
  Operating Temperature     -20°C - +60°C /-5°F - +140°F  
  Storage Temperature     -30°C - + 60°C / -22°F - +140°F  
  Water Resistance     30 m / 100 ft  
  Misurements, in     1.68" x 1.68" x 0.52"  
  Weight     1.41  
  Low Battery Warning     Yes  
  User Replaceable Battery     Yes  
  ANT - Digital Coded Speed Signal     Yes  
  Button Lock     Yes  
  Compatible with PODs     Yes  
  Customizable Display     Yes  
  Languages     Menu in 9 Languages (EN, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, NL, SV, PT)  
  Recovery Time Suggestion after Exercise     Yes  
  Recovery Time in Real Time     Yes  
  Training Duration and Intensity Guidance in Real Time     Yes  
  Speed Limits and Speed Information in Real Time     With Optional Suunto PODs  
  Training Duration and Speed Guidance in Real Time     With Optional Suunto PODs  
  Running Cadence     With Optional Suunto Foot POD Mini  
  Peak Training Effect     In  
  12/24h     Yes  
  Calendar Clock     Yes  
  Dual Time     Yes  
  Daily Alarms     1  


  • Time, date and alarm
  • Real-time heart rate and HR zones
  • Recovery time
  • Stopwatch with laps
  • Interval timer
  • Duration and intensity or speed guidance in real-time
  • Speed and distance with optional Suunto PODs
  • Create and download training programs on
  • In-depth training analysis with EPOC, PTE and speed profiles on
  • Personalize screen layout
  • Menu in 9 languages (EN, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, NL, SV, PT)
  • Yellow Finish

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