Webyshops ProTeam Benefits

Get your tracking code

We will provide you with a unique partner ID for you to combine with any url from webyshops.com

  • Your Partner Code: td1202
  • Tracking Code: ?partner=td1202

The complete link will look similar to this:

  • webyshops.com?partner=td1202

Post a link to our website

Since you love Guns, Ammo & Gear, it will be simple for you to post a link while browsing industry blogs, forums, etc. Weather you are commenting on a product review, writing a blog or participating in forums, we encourage you to provide a link back to our website. In order to increase the value of the topic, thread or conversation, please only post relivant links.

Get 5% of sales back

ProTeam Members make money through their activities on the internet by:

  • Posting in Forums
  • Writing or Commenting on Blogs
  • Posting via Social Media
  • Even emails to friends!

Once a month, we will send you a check for 5% of sales that are associated with your tracking code. Paypal and Store Credit are also payment options

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