When you place your order, you should receive notification that your order has been accepted into our ordering system.


Once the order is shipped, you will receive another email with tracking information that will allow you to track the package via selected carrier website.  Webyshops.com and its niche sites are not responsible for accuracy of information on carrier websites.   Some carriers, such as United States Postal Service (USPS), may not provide full tracking information, especially for international orders.  You may need to check with the postal system of your country to see if it has tracking system that is compatible with USPS tracking system.


If there are any issues with your order that is preventing it from being fulfilled and shipped to you immediately, such as, but not limited to, credit verification, product shortage, pricing discrepancy or error, export restriction or any other reason, our customer service team will notify you immediately.


If you want to check on the intermediate status of your order or check on the status of a special case that me may be assigned to your order or simply review items/orders previously purchased/placed – you may do so by logging into My Account and reviewing your order status and history.