Welcome to Webyshops.com Help Center.  Here, we try to answer your most common questions about operations of our site and further assist you with any purchasing questions you may have.



Question: Will I have to pay sales tax when I place my order?

Answer: Only people receiving their shipments in Texas will have to pay sales tax on their orders from Webyshops.com and its niche sites.


Question: I ordered product X and received product Y in my shipment – how can I get what I ordered?

Answer: It depends.  First thing you need to do is notify our Customer Service team by emailing them at cs@webyshops.com or calling our Toll Free number at 800-851-9329.  If we find that the error was caused by our team, we will quickly expedite return of the item to us and replacement with your original order.  However, if we find that there was no error on our part and you simply ordered something that other than what you wanted – you will need to follow the procedure outline in Return Your Items.  We will not be liable for any costs of return associated with the item(s).


Question: I see an item advertized on your competitor’s website for a lower price.  Will you match their price?

Answer: It depends.  Many websites, including some of the big names, do not carry their inventory and rely on fulfillment houses or their suppliers to stock and ship inventory on their behalf.  The price advertised on a different site may be for a product that is out of stock.  Unless you and us can verify that the item is actually in stock for the advertised price – we will not match the price.  We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, not to match any prices whether online or offline.


Question:  I ordered something from you a year ago and I want to order two more of the same items.  Where do I find this information?

Answer:  You can find this information by logging into My Account/Log In section of the website.  You will see both past and present history of all your orders.  You can also get tracking numbers and see any other case history associated with your purchases there.