Red tape is not something I want to deal with. I don't want to spend any more time in my life than I already have to with paperwork and bureaucracy. I certainly don't want to pay for something and wait 6 months for it to arrive. What I DO want to do is spend my time outdoors, preferably with nature and firearms. I just want to keep it simple. That's why I went with the Slide fire stock.

The Slidefire stock takes a method of "bump fire", and makes it simple, safe, and a whole lot of fun. The design on the Slidefire is simple. By applying a constant forward force with your non-shooting hand and keeping your shooting hand in the one location, you allow the trigger to pull into your finger rather than pulling the trigger yourself. Along with Slidefire's patented interface block and one piece molded stock you have the easiest, most reliable bumpfire method on the market.

This past weekend I was joined by two coworker friends as we ventured out to one of the many great Texas landscapes that provides more than the average range can provide. The property is privately owned, and allows multiple shooters to fire from the firing line at two separate range locations. When we arrived we had the first range to ourselves as the midday Texas heat had driven most people to find their next source of A/C. We set up range with several different targets, including some exploding Tannerite, and Shoot-n- See targets.

While the rest of the guys were pulling their gear out I popped open the Slidefire box to find the Slidefire stock, interface block, an allen wrench, and a copy of the BATFE approval letter all tucked inside. The box itself had the instructions printed on it, but after a quick glance it was pretty evident that this would be a quick install. My pistol grip was removed quickly, but carefully, so that my safety detent spring was not lost. The interface block installed in place of the grip with the same hex screw that I had just removed. Next, I pulled my Magpul stock off of my buffer tube and slid the Slidefire on in its place. That was it. No crazy amount of tools, no pinches, no cuts, and especially no headaches.

We attached a Midland camera to the rifle, loaded in a 30 round Pmag, and went hot on the range. Just to show my coworkers what this rifle was now capable of (this was not my first time to fire a rifle with the Slidefire) I dumped the 30 mag in under 5 seconds. Was it necessary? No. Was it a hell of a lot of fun? You bet. The ear to ear grin didn't leave our faces for the rest of the day. We all took turns trying out the Slidefire stock, and it only took the guys 2-3 mags before they had the hang of it. 3 and 5 round bursts were fired down range along with full bump action allowing us to shoot over 7 rounds per second. It wasn't long before we had some visitor's from the other range coming over to take a look at what kind of firepower we had. We talked to them for a bit, and while they had heard some things about Slidefire they had never seen it in action. We offered them a go at it, and the ear to ear grinning just wouldn't stop.

I see a lot of people saying these just are not worth the money, but for the fun we had, the people we met, and the ability to shoot a rifle like this without a bureaucracy headache; I would put my money on Slidefire any day of the week.